Saddlebags & Luggage

Custom made saddle bags, tool bags, luggage and more are designed by you, coordinated by me and produced by Leatherworks Inc. I work closely with this company which makes superior long wearing products. I team up with Leatherworks Inc to provide hand tooling, unique colors and styles.

Here is how it works, visit their site: then find your bike and locate the product you are seeking. Get ideas then contact me and we will build the unique product you are after. Take a look at their gallery for even more ideas. I will then quote you a price plus shipping. It’s as simple as that.

I couldn't be happier with this tool bag. The leather matches my seats and finishes perfectly, the grommets are just right, and the top buttons even have Indian heads on them to match the styling. It rests perfectly on the forks and is perfectly sized for my existing Stockton Tool Company tool roll. Thanks, Nanci!

Here are some ideas directly from Leatherworks!

Contact me for more information or to place order!