Lever Fringe & Grip Covers

The fringe I produce is the highest quality on the motorcycle market. Hand cut fringe measures approximately 1/8″ in width. Riders not wearing long sleeves will benefit from the finer cut fringe as it helps keep the fringe from irritating the arms like commercially made wider cut fringe. If you prefer wider cut fringe simply specify the width when order is placed.

BRAIDED brake and lever fringe!  You must send your levers.  With advance notice, a 48 hour turn around time is guaranteed.  Fringe length and colors work just like the regular fringe listed below.

Prices for braided levers:

  • $175, plus shipping
  • $145 lever covers only, without fringe,  one or two colors included, plus shipping

For those who often times like to ride without gloves but do not like your hands becoming dark from rubber grips, consider grip covers made from thick bull hide or a thinner cover made from cow hide.

Without a doubt the best quality lever covers I’ve ever used.

Roger, Texas

If you have studded seats and studded bags you can now ordered clutch and brake fringe or grip covers with studded grips.

Grip Covers

Grip Covers are great for covering up the stock rubber grips, reducing or increasing the size of the grip to meet your needs.

To order contact me by phone, text or email and state the following:

  • Colors (one or two colors)- click here for a look at some of the colors that are available.
  • For grips and specialty sized levers: circumference and length of grip or lever.
  • Length (from the end of the lever or grip) – Standard size are 10″, 12″, or 15″ Caution:  depending on the aero dynamics of your bike, fringe in excess of  30″,  may pose a hazard by possibly wrapping around your arms or wrists while riding.

Prices for Brake and Clutch Levers:

  • One color fringe is $50; two colors $65 plus S&H contact me
  • For fringe exceeding 15″ add $10 per every additional 5″ increment  contact me
  • Studded brake and clutch levers add $20

Prices for Grip Covers:

  • Single layered grip covers prices: $40 (no fringe);  with 15″ single colored fringe is $60; with two colored fringe is $70 plus S&H contact me
  • Double layered grip covers in two colors with out fringe $70  with single colored 15″ fringe is $90; with two colored 15″ fringe is $105  plus S&H contact me
  • For fringe exceeding 15″ add $10 per every additional 5″ increment  contact me

Oh, I rode it at highway speed yesterday and the fringe stayed put, didn’t slap me, even though I had a strong cross wind. I am very happy with them. I believe they make me more visible and that’s a great thing!