Traditional chinks come to just below the knee or lower, protecting the rider’s legs from brush, branches, while branding cattle or bucking hay. These chaps can be ordered with or without hand cut fringe, for show or for work. Different types of front and back straps can be ordered; front “break-away” style strap or a regular thicker buckled strap and the back strap.

For those who want a lighter weight chap,I have developed a light weight chink. These chaps are made from less heavy leather, 3-3.5 oz and are perfect for those who prefer a lighter but equally strong chap. Traditional chaps in your choice of colors made out of 5-6 oz or 7-8 oz. Hides can be order to your specifications and choice of animal skin: mule, horse, buffalo and more.

Also available are hair on hides in different colors. From plain to full dress for Single Action and Mounted Shooters, Ace High Leathers builds your chaps to your specifications.

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