Legging Chaps

The term “leggings” has two definitions and one that should be clarified. People often call “half chaps” leggings or gators. Leggings are simply coverage for the leg and not just from the knee down.

Leggings are great for both motorcyclists and equestrian riders. The color is up to you.

These chaps can be advantageous for larger people or those with back problems who may have a hard time twisting to zip up the sides of their chaps.

Zipper placement can also be set more towards the front of the chap to lessen the amount of twist needed to close the leg.

Leggings can attach to the belt by way of snaps or tied to the belt.

Measurements needed for construction:

  • upper thigh 3″ down from the crotch
  • length from upper thigh to waist or hips
  • length from upper thigh to floor with boots on.

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